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Las Galeras Samana

Las Galeras is blessed with beautiful beaches and mountain bike trails. You often need a guide to discover the little paths and to enjoy our incredible place -- it's more fun to ride with good company.


Gerard is a retired competition sportsman. He speaks french, english and spanish.

He has been all over the Samaná peninsula and knows all the places with amazing views. With Gerard as your guide you will discover beautiful places that you wouldn't see otherwise. Take little roads on mountain bike in and around Las Galeras, go to places unkown to mass-tourism and enjoy our gorgeous beaches. Gerard shares his passion with other bicycle and nature lovers. You can take advantage of his passion for sports and his experience as a competition coach for triathlon, decathlon, mountain bike, swimming and running.


Las Galeras is a little piece of paradise, and an ideal practice ground for mountain biking or road biking at any experience level.


Training / race preparation

$20/hour per person

Excursions of 2 to 3 hours, for every experience level

$50 per person.

- Discover Las Galeras (including La Playita)

- Boca del Diablo

- El Cabito


Excursions of 3 hours, moderate to difficult

$80 per person.

- El Punto.

- Monte Azul.

- Playa Colorada.

- Loma La Piña.

- Loma de Rincon (magnificent view of the bay of Rincon)


Excursions of 4 hoursmoderate to difficult

$130 per person.

- Playa Rincon, including lunch and non-alcoholic beverages

- Loma Atravesada

- Ginger Route


Excursions of more than 4 hours, difficult

ask for prices.

- Playa El Valle

- El Limon village

- Las Terrenas (with or without overnight stay)


Excursions on road bike

ask for prices,   maximum 3 persons

- Samana

- El Limon village

- Las Terrenas

- Highway (very quiet, secure, comfortable, beautiful scenery)


We can organize customized excursions based on your wishes.

Gerard and Michelle also rent out several tropical homes at La Bellaventura. They gladly put together custom packages that include accommodation, bicycle training and excursions.


Contact Gerard directly by email at labellaventura@yahoo.fr or by phone at 8498810643.



Whale Watching

Each year between January and March, humpback whales come to the warm waters around Las Galeras to mate. It's an excellent time to watch these magnificent mammals in action.


On a typical day-excursion, you're almost guaranteed to see whales. Afterwards, we relax for a few hours on the gorgeous beach of Playa Frontón before heading back to Las Galeras.




Visit gorgeous beaches

In and around Las Galeras there are several beautiful beaches, such as Playa Grande and La Playita. One of the most famous beaches is Playa Rincón, at about 13 km from Las Galeras. It can easily be reached by car in about 25 minutes, but also on bicycle, motorcycle, boat or horseback. It's a picture-perfect beach often used in holiday brochures and calendars.



Horseback Riding

The serenity and natural beauty of Las Galeras is very inviting for visitors to explore the area on horseback. You can ride along the beach, smell the fragrances of nature and admire the many flowers and plants.

We work together with a local ranch that offers excursions with a low ecological footprint, who tale good care of the horses and speak several languages. The guides are very responsible and the horses well-trained.



Los Haitises National Park

Los Haitises National Park is an enchanting place with lots of little islets and a large mangrove forest.

We offer a day-excursion, which allows you to discover a little piece of the park, the mangroves, several caves and a lot of water birds.

In the afternoon a lunch buffet is served on the Cayo Levantado island, where you also have time to relax on the beach.




Scuba Diving and Snorkling

The warm waters of the Caribbean are a dream for diving and snorkling fans. In the neighborhood of Las Galeras there are plenty of reefs that are home to a variety of fish and other marine life. There is even a sunken ship to be visited.

We work with Las Galeras Divers, a small family business who offers a responsible service all year round.




Transportation Rental

We assist in rental of motorcycles, cars, bicycles and quad, always in good condition and well-maintained.

Contact us for details and prices.




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